SSI Student Spotlight: Isaac Jolcover

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Isaac Jolcover, President of Students Supporting Israel at University of Iowa

eet Isaac Jolcover, President of Students Supporting Israel at University of Iowa, and member of the National Student Board of Students Supporting Israel. Isaac is a Senior majoring in Finance. His hopes for the future include working in the sports industry in Chicago, IL, and continuing his Pro-Israel advocacy with Students Supporting Israel.

As President, Isaac Coordinates chapter meetings, educates students and faculty on his campus on SSI’s mission, along with organizing events on campus for students to join SSI. He regularly updates his chapter’s Facebook page to keep viewers informed of current events in Israel and SSI at University of Iowa’s programming events.

Isaac supports Israel because he says it’s one of the most meaningful places in the world for him.

“Despite the Nation’s pure beauty, the religious connections and fierceness of such a small country makes it seem way bigger than what it looks like on the map.”

When he was 13 years old, Isaac traveled to Israel for the first time and was able to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.

“I will never forget standing at the Western Wall, doing Tefillin for the first time with my dad and a Rabbi.

As a Zionist, protecting the Jewish nation is a priority for Isaac. He describes that as,

“Whether you’re in the Israel Defense Forces with boots on the ground in Israel, or at a college campus in America, defending the Jewish nation is Zionism. There are many forms of establishing and promoting Zionism. I support Israel because it is the Jewish home, it is the nation of my people.”

As the majority of students remain apathetic at University of Iowa, which Isaac believes is the biggest problem facing his campus, an anti-Israel group on campus doesn’t exist.

Isaac’s sister was the President of her SSI chapter at Kansas University when he called her his Sophomore year asking how he could get involved. Within an hour of his phone call with Ilan Sinelnikov, who Isaac says is his biggest Zionist influence, Isaac signed the chapter agreement, spoke with the student organization committee at University of Iowa, and began his Pro-Israel advocacy at his school.

Because of SSI, Isaac says he has developed the ability to speak proudly and confidently about Israel.

I feel comfortable speaking with anyone about Israel and expressing the Jewish connection and right to the Jewish nation.

Students and Faculty are more aware of Israel and expressing the importance of showing the willingness and strength of being a student-led, Pro-Israel organization.

Isaac’s goal is to continue showing University of Iowa’s pro-Israel advocacy on campus and have all members feeling comfortable enough to speak proudly and confidently about Israel.

At the IAC National Conference in Miami last year, Isaac represented Students Supporting Israel — his favorite memory with SSI. He explained to many other people of different organizations about SSI’s work and the importance of being a student-led Pro-Israel organization on college campuses across North America.

I appreciate everything Students Supporting Israel does for students on college campuses across North America. Our work is extremely important and I look forward to continuing my part with the organization as I look forward to graduating this Spring.

Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is a pro-Israel international campus movement that supports the State of Israel.

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