SSI Student Spotlight: Lior Schwartz

Meet Lior Schwartz, a senior President of SSI at Roslyn High School who also serves as a StandWithUs Leventhal Intern. His passion for Israel and leadership in his school is of great importance. As president, Lior emphasizes the significance of Zionism.

“Considering I go to a predominately Jewish public school, fostering feelings of Zionism among the school community is vital. Zionism is the vehicle I use to explain to members about why it is so important to care about and support Israel.”

During the pandemic, many people had the time to prioritize new hobbies, skills, and passions. Lior explains his experience,

“I became heavily interested in learning about Zionism during the Pandemic, and my passions kept growing, then in January 2021 I contacted SSI and was able to start a chapter in a mere two weeks.”

Even throughout the pandemic, Lior has been creative to bring successful, virtual events to Roslyn High School.

“Last year was a difficult one, as zoom and the virtual world made it hard to create that familial feeling at group meetings, one that we are fostering right now through our in-person meetings and events. We were still able to host many successful events last year.”

Lior is working hard to plan events that will engage the students to learn more about Israel. He has events lined up with organizations such as Stand With Us, BBYO, and others. Roslyn High School has many students who support Israel and are excited about what Lior is bringing. Zionism is personal to Lior and directly affects his life. He loves his country and his connection to Israel.

“As a child of the post-soviet aliyah of the 1990’s and an Israeli citizen, I am connected to the state of Israel, not only as a Judean but also as someone who is thankful for the refuge it provides to the worldwide diaspora. I support Israel since I believe that it is my homeland, regardless of what happens in the United States, I know that there is one country waiting for me with open arms, Israel.”

We are grateful Lior Schwartz joined the Students Supporting Israel movement!

Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is a pro-Israel international campus movement that supports the State of Israel.