Student Spotlight: Judith Rosenbluth

Meet Judith Rosenbluth, president and founder of SSI at the University of Maryland!! She is a sophomore majoring in digital media and marketing. Throughout the pandemic, she has been bringing Zionism and education of Israel to various posts and TikToks.

In fact, one of her posts went viral! As a result, Judith was asked to write for British Vogue, and the title was: “When Instagram Turns Toxic: How It Feels To Be The Victim Of Antisemitic Abuse Online.” Judith has risen above the hatred she has experienced and stepped up to be a leader for the Jewish people. We are so thankful Judith decided to join Students Supporting Israel! Judith is very involved in Israel advocacy and when she found out about SSI, it was an amazing next step in her journey.

“I was surprised that UMD didn’t have an SSI chapter, and I was excited by the opportunity of having a completely student-run Israel advocacy group on campus.”

Judith highlights that SSI is student-led! In fact, she has already taken initiative and participated in SSI’s “Undenied Campaign.” SSI at UMD handed out books to students about the Holocaust to spread Holocaust education. In the near future, Judith hopes to bring speakers and host a “Save A Child’s Heart” fundraiser. In addition, she wants to continue to bring Israel advocacy to campus and rally students together to join SSI. She shares the struggle, but at the same time has a game plan!

“I think the biggest struggle on my campus in terms of Israel advocacy is simply not being loud enough. There are thousands of Jews at the University of Maryland, but there is only one other Israel advocacy group. We need to involve as many students — both Jewish and not Jewish — in Israel advocacy.”

Judith loves the mission of SSI in bringing students from all backgrounds to support Israel. She sees the need for students across campus to support the Jewish state. She further explains,

“While sometimes it is important to separate Israel from being an only Jewish matter, I strongly believe that in many instances it is important to show the strong connection between Jews and Israel. The history of Israel as the Jewish homeland and the effects it has had on the Jewish people throughout history is a defining part of who I am, and I try to share that idea through my activism.”

Judith’s identity shapes how she views her life, her activism, and her people. She expresses her connection to Israel.

“I have always felt a strong connection to Israel. My connection is religious, spiritual, and emotional, but also connects me to my community, my family, and my values. As a Jew, Israel is my home. As an American, Israel is the only country in the Middle East that shares my political beliefs. My connection with Israel comes from so many different aspects that my support for Israel feels a part of who I am.”

Judith’s identity, mindset, and resilience are three factors that will enable her to be a strong SSI president at the University of Maryland. If you would like to follow their events, follow @ssiumd on Instagram!



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Students Supporting Israel Movement

Students Supporting Israel Movement


Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is a pro-Israel international campus movement that supports the State of Israel.